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Life Coaching - $120 for a 1 hour session 

A Life Coach is here to help guide you into finding the answers you already have. I believe that we always have all the answers to everything we need inside ourselves. It is my goal to help guide you to your answers so that you can live the life you want. The Client must be willing to look deep inside and work to see the answers for themselves. The client is always responsible for there own decisions. I look forward to helping guide you on your journey and helping you achieve your goals. I always put the clients needs and desires first. I am committed to providing a safe place for every person.

Available in person and on the phone

Hypnosis – $160 a session  Past Life Regression $250

Hypnosis has been used for addiction, habit change such as smoking and weight loss, stress, pain management and so much more. Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration. Hypnosis is the same feeling you get when you are watching tv, in nature or reading a book and you “zone out”. In this state of mind the conscious mind is relaxed and the subconscious is open to suggestions. When we are able to make new suggestions to the subconscious we can help make people start to make new choices. While under Hypnosis you will not do something that you are morally against.

Available in person and on the phone - Past Life Regression In Person Only!

Holistic Healing Session - $125 for 1 hour session

A Holistic Healing Session will use some life coaching techniques to help address the mental and emotional state. Healing Modalities such as Aromatherapy, Auriculotherapy and Tapping may be used.

In Office Only

Toe Reading -$60 per half hour

Explore your life through a Toe Reading session. This is not about reading into your future. By looking at a person’s foot, we can see the experiences that they are holding onto. Our feet carry us through life and thus contain information to help you make changes to get you putting your best foot forward.

Available in person and on the phone

Mediumship / Oracle Card Readings - $60 per half hour

I am an Empath, a Medium and I read Oracle and Lenormand cards. During a reading I will connect with your guides. I often use cards to gain clarity on questions you might have. As a medium I can connect with your loved ones that have passed if they choose to step forward.

Available in person and on the phone 

Parties & Events - $140 per hour (additional fee for transportation)

Available for Birthday's, Anniversaries, or even a casual get together. Have some fun with friends and family with mini Toe Readings or Oracle Card Readings. It will defiantly be a party to remember! 5-10 minute readings, dependent on size of group,  for all who would like to participate. Events are limited to 3 hours. 

Office Locations Vary

Sunday - Isis Books & Gifts - InPerson

2775 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

Monday,Tuesdays, Friday & Sundays  - Phone

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