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Vibe bags – $15 each ($5 for shipping in US)

Increase your Vibe! All Vibe Bags are completely hand made and contain a secret blend of 5-7 herbs, 2-3 essential oils, and 3-5 stones magically charged with intention and the help of the moon. Vibe On!!


Attract abundance and luck in your life! Put anywhere you want to tuck it away or take it gambling with you! Bag Mantra ~ I allow abundance & Luck to flow into my life. 


Carry this bag with you to inspire more joy and happiness around you!  Bag Mantra ~ I allow my inner child to guide me.

Happy Home

Home Blessing are always important! This is a home blessing in a bag. Hide in a closet or cabinet! Bag Mantra ~ May all who enter feel happiness and love and be blessed with abundance in all forms.


Carry this bag with you or keep it next to your bed whenever you need a health boost. Bag Mantra ~ I allow healing energy to flow into my emotional and physical being.

Let Go & Trust

Don't we all need a extra helping of faith and trust at some time! Carry this bag with you to increase your feelings of trust in the universe and your divine. Bag Mantra ~ I let go of outcomes and trust in the Divine to guide me & provide what I need to thrive.


Promote love in all forms into your life. This can be friendship, self love and looking for a new relationship. Carry this bag or place next to your bed. Bag Mantra ~ I am open and ready to receive love in all form and ways. 


Once in a while it can feel like the world is against us. Carry this bag to help you feel more safe and protected from whatever may come your way. Bag Mantra ~ I am safe and protected as I move forward on my path.


The loss of a loved one can be hard to handle. This bag eases sorrow and allows you to grieve without it being unbearable. Helps you accept and transform the pain. Bag Mantra - I let go of Sorrow and remember our relationship with love and acceptance. 


Are you in need of inspiration? Perhaps a writer or artist stuck in a rut? Or you just need a creative solution to a problem? This bag will help open your mind to new ideas and perspectives! Carry this bag with you or place in your creative area. Bag Mantra - Divine Creativity and Inspiration flow through me. 


Do you have a hard time remembering your dreams? Dreams are great ways to gain insight into your life. This bag is designed to help you remember your dreams when you wake up. It also has oils and herbs to help stimulate the dream state while you sleep. Place this bag next to your bed while you sleep and where you will se it upon waking. Bag Mantra - I always remember my Dreams.

New Beginnings

When you are ready to plant new seeds in your life. This bag will assist you in letting go of the old and creating a new story in your life. Bag Mantra - I allow New Ventures to grow. 

***Custom Bags Available Upon Request***

More Available On Etsy!
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** All bags are created at certain times of the year and certain moon cycles. Due to this some availability may be limited!

remembrance bag.JPG

*Remembrance Vibe Bag

Essential Oil Blends – $15 each 10 ml Roller Bottles


 This blend contains a bit of orange to uplift your spirits. It has some rosemary to help your concentration soar, along a few other oils this blend will help you let go of that giant to do lists hovering overhead and concentrate in the moment so you can get what you need done!


 A muscle soothing blend with Birch and Helichrysum to aid in muscle repair and recovery. Soothing Lavender and a Comfrey Infused walnut oil. Great for bruises, sprains, strains and even broken bones!


All in one Face blend contains Tee Tree and Myrrh for their antibacterial properties to heal acne and blemishes.  Lavender and Palmrosa to sooth skin and a blend of carrier oils oils to help all types skin types to stay hydrated and prevent wrinkles and damage. 


 Ginger to help with nausea, Rosemary to relax cramps this blend can be rubbed right onto the stomach for relief! Hazelnut and other carrier oils blended together to help aid in quick absorption of oils.


Rub this blend on your chest to feel the light cooling and tingling relief from a cold or flu virus. Contains Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils to open the airways and control coughs. Lemon oil adds a touch of Vitamin C to aid in fast recovery! 


Not a sleepy oil. More of a let it go and smile oil. Cedarwood and Orange help uplift your mood, with a bit of rose and myrrh to help keep you calm and relaxed!

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** Some oils may cause skin sensitivity, and may not be safe for use during pregnancy or in certain medical situation. Please specify if you have any conditions, or concerns when ordering!

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