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I am a Holistic Life Coach in Denver, Colorado. As a native to Colorado I love nature and you will often find me outdoors, where I will be hiking or Kayaking. I live my life in gratitude and find my true passion in life is helping others.

I believe that our emotions and mental thoughts are responsible for our health and our lives. The answers we seek are inside. I go deep within to help you find your best answers to help you live the most amazing life possible.  I take pride in helping people overcome emotional, mental, and psychological obstacles, as well as provide tools for success, while creating a safe and loving space to learn and grow.

My goal is to guide you on your journey and navigate you through life transitions such as graduating high school or college, divorce, family additions, employment changes, emotional struggles, loss, grief, or any life change that might seem challenging. My aim is to provide you the tools and coping skills to support and direct you in not just your current life transition but future transitions as well. This will empower you in achieving life-changing results on your personal journey.

 As a Graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, with a degree as a  Holistic Healing Practitioner, I am trained in Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Tapping and Auriculotherapy.  


~ Hilary is so welcoming and knowledgeable. She has a genuine interest in seeing me grow and succeed. Her level of compassion is unmatched. I look forward to working with her again! ~ Rachel Piercy

~ I just had a Toe Reading with Hilary, yes 👣 Reading! I’m blown away that they had so much to say, who knew!? All kidding aside, I’m in awe of Hilary and her ability to tap directly into my soul. Using my feet as her instrument, she gave me amazing insights into my past, present and future. I’ve had other intuitive readings in the past, Hilary hit on a couple points that have never been addressed or stated with the same clarity she did. I had several AH HA moments. Additionally, she gave me some tools and links to help me overcome some fears and negative self talk that are holding me back. Hilary is very gifted, straight forward and so easy to talk to. Her guidance is an invaluable gift, you won’t regret. ~ Stacey Gout-Roper

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~ I've been fortunate enough to have had Hilary as a life coach for several years now. Her insight has helped guide me through several challenging life changes and her wisdom has always brought me to a light at the end of a dark tunnel. From tarot readings to helping connect with beloved family members who have left this physical realm, she truly is gifted in all aspects of spiritual & emotional healing.

Most recently she conducted a Toe Reading on my "Queen Feet" which was very fun and insightful! She explained every toe and the significance of the shapes, toe positioning and angles that they displayed. It was a very interesting perspective I had never heard of prior to her and I really enjoyed the information it provided on where I've come from & how to move forward towards the future. I left feeling revitalized & ready to take a step in a new, positive direction in my relationship and career!

I highly recommend utilizing her unique and powerful services to guide and realign your own life. Her time, energy and expertise is truly exceptional and worth every penny (it's honestly priceless in my opinion)! ~ Lynzie Brunott

~ If you are in need of mental healing I highly recommend Hilary! She is focused on your mental health and will help you find your inner peace. She is a great medium!  ~ Sam Brack

~ Sooooooo good!! What a blessing you are. Thank you ♥️ ~ Candies Liu

Vision Statement
I believe in creating a world where every person is lifted up in understanding, support, respect, and empowerment for their personal truths.

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